Control, Currents, Currency, & Imagination

Show Notes, again as a jumping off point, will likely be updated and expanded in the next week or so. Enjoy!

Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Injections, Masks, & Swabs
– Amazing Polly
The doctor Andy couldn’t remember, Dr. Michael Persinger, is discussed as is his research into electromagnetic mind control. Polly ties these concepts to nanomaterials in all the things that are being forced upon the bodies of men and women.

The Bronswik Affair

The Bronswik Affair

G. Edward Griffon – The Creature from Jekyll Island – G. Edward Griffin answers the questions of Where does money come from? Where does money go? Who makes money? The money magicians’ secrets are unveiled. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. Recorded in 1994 with more elaboration on the Fed.

Money Masters – The Money Masters is a 1996 documentary film that discusses the concepts of money, debt, taxes, and describes their development from biblical times onward.

House of Rothschild – Film – 1934 – 20th Century Pictures- Starring Boris Karloff

Best Evidence – BestEvidence seeks to chronicle major financial forces and legal changes behind America’s last days as a sovereign republic, as the rule of law is destroyed and the American people are disenfranchised and looted in broad daylight.

In contrast to mass media outlets that rely without exception on propaganda (comprising innuendo, spin, emotion, cropped or partial data sets, agenda-driven conclusions, “expert” opinions from people with undisclosed financial interests, ad hominem attacks—all erected on a divide-and-conquer left-right platform), BestEvidence will present issues based on facts and source data.

Jose Delgado – Monkey Mind Control