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If you haven’t taken the 5 hours to go through The Ultimate History lesson, it may be the best place to start. It is a Grateway to a wide vista of the terrain of truth. Your time will be well worth it or your money back!

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Swaraj -Swaraj can mean generally self-governance or “self-rule” and was used synonymously with “home-rule” by Gandhi (Hindi: swa- “self”, raj “rule”) but the word usually refers to Gandhi’s concept for Indian independence from foreign domination. Swaraj lays stress on governance not by a hierarchical government, but self-governance through individuals and community building. The focus is on political decentralization. Since this is against the political and social systems followed by Britain, Gandhi’s concept of Swaraj laid stress on India discarding British political, economic, bureaucratic, legal, military, and educational institutions.

Larken Rose Most Dangerous Superstition

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